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I have created the largest library of deckfiles, to use with Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades, Hardwood Solitaire and Hardwood Euchre, on the net. Some people have asked me to create deckfiles for online blackjack, but that is a bit more complicated, so for now you can enjoy these decks with the Hardwood games listed above. You can download them by clicking on their accompanying images. The Programs you can use them in can be downloaded from SilverCreeks web site. They also made a deck editor which you can use to easily create card decks. Using an external editor like Photoshop with that program really gives you unlimited possibilities.

News October 2006: This site will not be maintained anymore.

Uploading of decks is no longer possible due to the fact that it was misused by hackers to hack my site.

Latest Additions:

BotticelliBotticelli by Kris Swank Hardwood Solitaire III deck

4 backs + faces

VermeerVermeer by Kris Swank Hardwood Solitaire III deck

4 backs + faces

Key to the KingdomKey to the Kingdom by Nightsallion Hardwood Solitaire III deck

5 backs + faces + commons + jokers (COMPLETE)

Flower fairies tooFlower Fairies too by Kris Swank Hardwood Solitaire III deck

8 backs + faces

DraculaStargate SG-1

4 backs + faces

DraculaDracula by Pandora

8 backs + faces

Country Kids and FriendsCountry Kids and Friends by Ally

4 backs + faces

HallkattenHallkatten2 by Anonymous

4 backs + faces + aces

VlaamsVlaams by Ekeim

4 backs + faces + commons (Complete deck)

CatsPoezen (Cats) by Ekeim

4 backs + faces

Dale Sr. NascarNascar Dale Sr. by CNYNiteowl

8 backs + 1 set of faces

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