Hardwood Games for newbies

New to HW?
Here are some things you might wanna know

First of all, to play, you join a room from the ones above the chat area.

You will notice on top of all the rooms, the ones that need players, because they have a sign that says JOIN.
Right below each room, you can see the setting for that game, and it is very important you read them carefully before you pick a game to join.
There are pass games (pass 2 cards to your pard on a nil) ,regular, mirrors, suicide, and individual games, so make sure you know what you're about to play. To join, just click on one of the seats that says JOIN.

You will notice, some room have this sign:

This means it's for established players ( people that have played 20 games or more), so if you have less that 20 games played, you won't be able to join it.

In team games, NORTH is parding SOUTH, and EAST is parding WEST.

You can also watch any game you want, by clicking on the: sign at the right side of each game.

If you are going to watch a game, you can chat in game room also, just don't over do it because it might bother the players, and they might end up kicking you out of the room

On top of the room, at left side you will see this:

If you click on game, you will see the game chat, and if you click on lobby, you will be able to read and type in the lobby.
You can drag this box to any other part of the screen and also change it's size.

If you right click in any part of the game area, you can move the area
to accommodate your game area the way you like it.

At your right top, you will see game information.
This is where you see not only the game settings, but also the options to take off your balloons (chat white bubble), auto play, and other options. This is where you click also, to leave a game.

If you don't like the balloon option, just unclick at the option there in game information, and you will be able to chat in the chat box at your left. You also have a : where you can change your options of decks, graphics, etc etc.

When you are new, your cards will look like this:

And when you throw the card it will have a certain dance movement.
You can go to graphics and change them from 3D to 2D to:

You access the options either by clicking on menu while you are in a room, or also,while you're in lobby by clicking disconnect, then this will pop up:

There are many things you can change in options, like the graphics speed, the image of your deck, etc.
Just play with the buttons a little and you will see the changes and choose what you like

If you want to turn off the music you do it at your right top side of your screen , you will see this:

If you don't see a game to join, with the setting you want to play, make your own room, by clicking on:at the left of your screen.

Choose the settings as you want them and then click on play spades.

At any moment during the game, you will see "things flying" like kisses, rainbows, lighting, etc from one person to the other.
These are called fooms.
You can send a foom to someone by right clicking on their character, and choosing between the options:

If you are on trial version, you only have 1 foom option, once you buy the program, you will have all the other foom options.

During trial version, you can't change your character, but on full version, you can change it by clicking at top left where says:
There you click on character
and you will see all the characters to choose from, the backgrounds you can change it to, and the place where you can change the colors of your character.

If you haven't been very lucky and you have lost many games, you can reset your rank at any time, and it will start again at 1500.
You do this also in profile, clicking on account , and there you will see:

Another thing you change in profile is your victory message, click on :

and you can type there a message thet will appear in game chat every time you win a game.

When you right click on any name and choose profile, you can see their personal information. In profile, you can click on profile and change your personal information.

Also when you right click on someone's name you will see Ping and Game Stats.
Ping tells you how this person's connection is, how far from the server (or how much lost in cyberspace)

The Game stats tells you the room this person is in, and the stats of that game.For example,

You will see different colors nicks.
The nicks that you see in green, are the people in lobby, who are not in a game.
Below those you will see brown nicks, which are people that haven't typed for a few minutes, which means they are probably afk (away from keyboard).
And at the bottom you will see the nicks in black, which are the people that are playing.

Just by positioning your mouse over any of this black nicks, you will see below which room they are playing in,like this:

The nicks that are blue, are the guides, you can call them at any time in case you need help.
You will also see some nicks in purple, at the top of all the nicks, they are the administrators of the site, and you can also call them for help.

If you are in a game and someone is using foul language or a watcher is disturbing the game, you can kick him off the room, by right clicking on his name and choosing kick.
This will send a kick box to the other players in that game, and if 3 of the players agree to kick, then the person gets kicked.

You also have a MUTE option, right click on the player's name and choose mute. This is a good choice when someone is talking so much that it disturbs your game.

The starting 4 players recieve rating points at the end of the game, if one quits or gets kicked, he still will lose or win the points as if he was still in game.

You can call a sub to fill in for that person or put a bot in their place,
but the points will still count for the original player who started the game.
If you go in any room with a game in progress, and take someone's place, you can finish that game with no problem, youˇ¦re rank will not be affected by it.

Many people wonder how to type in a different color, if you want to know how, click here

In your chat there are emoticons you can use, that make the chat very nice and cheerful. Type in your chat /smileys and you will get the list of emoticons you can use.

I made a page with all the emoticons, in case you want to print it:click here
If during a game someone is using foul language, or if something happened that you feel was not right, or any complains you have about other players, you can file a report by clicking on game information/file report.

If you want to see some pics of players from harwoodspades, click here Finally, Welcome to HardwoodSpades!!! hope you enjoy it as much as I do :o)


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